Meet the Team

Senior Instructors

Our senior instructors have had at least three years experience as an instructor and have been independently tested:

Andrew Adams

Rodger Bain

Tim Benians

Robin Brown

Hugh Curran

Paul Farmer

Tony Gillingwater

Dermot Horan

Paul Ingleton

Roger Manning

Yeshwant Patel

Dave Stewart

Our Instructors

All Instructors who train within RoSPA SMART must be a current RoSPA Gold Grade rider before commencing their instructor training. Only when they have been thoroughly trained and check-tested by a panel of three Senior Instructors are they signed-off as a RoSPA SMART Instructor.

Jonathan Baker

Chris Bantin

Alex Beattie

Tim Bergin

Tim Bird

Colin Blackwood

John Cowburn

Steve Gibbins

Nick Golding

Steve Harden

Andrew Jupp

Carlo Lattuada

Mike Lawrence

Rory Lautenbach

Andrew Mann

Robin Medcalf

Steve Phillips

Dennis Mustard

Karen O'Gorman

Simon Osborn

Duncan Stanton

Alan Stephenson

Trevor Sullivan

Ian Syphas

Steve Tovee

Godfrey Town

Hugo Trepant

Chris Williamson



Steve Tovee

Group Chief Instructor

Roger Manning

Group Secretary

Simon Osborn


Aleksandra Marcinowska

Membership Secretary

Steve Gibbins