Your Training

After joining the group you will be invited to attend either Mickeys Diner on the 1st Sunday of the month or Tulleys Farm’ on the 2nd Sunday of the month. You will get an assessment ride with an instructor to determine your starting point for training. After your assessment ride it is up to you to decide if you would like to ask for some additional ongoing training. Please ask the instructor you have trained with to guide you in setting up some more training sessions

It is very important that you attend our Ride School classroom sessions (Ride School sessions) to complement your practical, on the road training. It allows us to impart the information to you in a structured way and to avoid riding theory being taught 'on the hoof'. Your Instructor will then be able to concentrate on your practical work and refer to the classroom sessions, confident in the knowledge that you have taken them in.

Training takes place at a time that suits both you and your instructor. Often at weekends but weekdays also. Once you have finished your training time with your instructor try and book your next session with them then. This will enable your training to remain continuous and the skills you learn can be added to your current riding more quickly.

We encourage you to be proactive with organising your training sessions. Your instructor will have a number of trainees to coordinate so please, where you can, schedule your time with your instructor.

If for whatever reason your instructor is not available at a particular time, please feel free to turn up at either Mickeys Diner or Tulleys Farm on the first and second Sundays of the month. We will do our utmost to pair you with an available Instructor on the day.