The RoSPA Test

The RoSPA Advanced Riders Test differs from other advanced tests in that it must be re-taken every three years and your result is graded into Bronze, Silver or Gold. Police Class 1 Examiners test you and provide you with a comprehensive written report on your ride.

RoSPA Test

Through the extensive and thorough training, RoSPA SMART prepares you to take the national RoSPA test. When we agree that you’re ready, you apply directly to RoSPA for the test. The costs are:

>>> £63 for riders 25 years and younger
>>> £68 for riders 26 years and older (correct as at August 2017)

The RoSPA Advanced Driving and Riding test requires a re-test every three years, to ensure that excellent riding standards are maintained. The re-test fee is included in your RoSPA yearly subscription costs.
This grade is recognised as the highest riding award available to the public. It will be awarded only to the polished systematic rider who displays a complete understanding and appropriate application of the principles outlined in Motorcycle Roadcraft. With all this in place the gold standard rider will be able to make unobtrusive, planned, polished progress consistent with safety and the law.

The candidate will display a confidence and ability throughout the whole test which leads the examiner to consider that the candidate has the potential to do well on a police advanced course. The candidate’s performance must be consistent throughout the whole of the test and so lapses may result in a lower grade. Awards of this grade will therefore be reserved for the very best riders.
This grade will be awarded to riders who are well above the average. These riders will produce consistently safe and systematic rides but perhaps without the final polish, flair and smoothness of the gold rider. They will demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the system of motorcycle control.

Candidates must be able to ride up to the permitted speed limit where it is safe to do so but vary speed according to circumstances and conditions. It must be emphasised that silver is a high grade and a commendable achievement.
This grade will be awarded to riders whose performance is significantly above the standard required to pass the L-riding test. These riders will show a basic knowledge of Motorcycle Roadcraft but lack the ability to apply the system consistently throughout the test. The ride should be entirely safe, observing traffic signs, responding correctly to hazards and should display advanced riding techniques.
Candidates who fall below the minimum pass standard will fail. Riders will fail if they display potentially dangerous faults, persistently infringe speed limits, commit violations of Road Traffic Law or the rules contained in The Highway Code. If the candidate fails to reach the pass standard the examiner will offer advice on improvement and encourage further training or guidance from a local group.

Occasional minor infringements with perceived acceptable reasons will not be condoned but may not on their own be a reason for failure. As a general rule, the examiner will consider whether the candidate is a rider worthy of displaying the badge of an advanced rider, i.e. someone who will consistently ride according to the principles of Motorcycle Roadcraft.