The Training

We have a friendly team of practical Instructors who value individual riding styles built around the central principles of Motorcycle RoadCraft, the Police Rider’s Handbook. We provide training that leads up to taking the RoSPA Advanced Riders Test; the highest test standard available to civilian motorcyclists in the UK. Here's a quick rundown on how your on-the-road training sessions operate.

Your Instructor will first do an assessment run with you so that he/she can gauge your current riding capabilities and your standard. Before you set off, your Instructor will tell you how he/she will conduct the run. Your Instructor will follow you, giving direction indications with indicators. These indications will always be given in good time - a late signal will not be sprung on you. As soon as you see a sign for any junction, you should check in your mirrors for an indication. Ride as you would normally ride, bearing in mind that an Instructor will not be prepared to exceed speed limits if you exceed them.

The Instructor will also tell you how he/she will stop you en route. Normally this is done by overtaking you in a safe place and then leading you to a safe stopping area. At the end of the run, your Instructor will provide feedback, positive and negative, on your ride and will mark your Training Card with scores on each of the areas listed on the card. This will give you an accurate measurement of your starting point, will highlight areas most in need of work and will allow you to assess your progress on subsequent runs.

It is really important that you relax and have fun while learning. Your Instructor is a fellow biker, not an ogre! All Instructors started from where you are starting from and will fully appreciate that is initially nerve-racking having somebody watching your every move. But after a couple of runs and as you get to realise that your Instructor is human after all, things settle down.

Before, during and after training, you should read and get to grips with Motorcycle RoadCraft and The Highway Code, as all RospaSmart training is based on the RoadCraft Police method. You may also wish to look at the Ride School Theory Sessions which will form an important part of your training.

Instructor Training Sessions

>>> £15 or £20 per session (depending upon the number of trainees) payable to the Instructor directly.

All our Instructors are highly trained and approved by RoSPA. They give their services voluntarily at no charge to members, but in common with many other organisations we ask for donations towards their petrol and running costs as follows:-

>>> Instruction on a one to one basis: the trainee donates £15 directly to the Instructor.

>>> Instruction on a one Instructor to two trainees basis: each trainee donates £10.00 directly to the Instructor.